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Buy Investment Property Leads

We are experts in generating high intent and high quality investment property leads.

If you are looking for consumers looking to use their equity or cash deposit to buy investment property, then you need to speak with us today.

Our web funnels collect and pre-qualify consumers who are ready to speak to a specialist about how they can reduce their income tax, pay off their home sooner and utilise equity to purchase an investment property.

All leads are opt-in with marketing consent to call and are ready to speak with someone. 

Are you looking for telemarketing appointment setting for investment property leads? 

- In some cases our partners have been able to utilise these leads instead of traditional telemarketed appointment setting.

Leads are sent via real-time API into your CRM to be converted by your sales agents or can be sent via daily CSV exports to your email. This means that, depending on your CRM capability, you’ll receive real time or daily exported leads that are ready for a conversation.

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